04.11.2021 Waste Architecture for landfills

The impact of landfills on the environment has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years. Innovative close-loop applications of environmental sanitary engineering and waste architecture may contribute to maximise the circular re-use of every element of the landfilling process into a resource.

Antonio Blanco will be part of the panel on circular economy at the Landfill and Waste Treatment Seminar and Expo 2021 organized by the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa, tomorrow Friday 5th of November
Antonio Blanco-Montero Waste Architecture
20.05.2021 Waste Architecture in the sustainable city

The acknowledgement of the construct Waste Architecture implies the decentralization and optimization of urban waste treatment, expansion of solutions and integration of professionals.

Antonio Blanco will give a lecture on Waste Architecture in the Sustainable City as part of the coursework master in Waste and Resources Management offered by the SARCHI Chair in Waste and Climate Change, UKZN, tomorrow Friday 21st of May.
Antonio Blanco-Montero Waste Architecture
23.09.2020 Inspire Greatness Seminar

Khayakazi Matangana will be sharing experiences on her journey as a young African lecturer and architectural professional female, at the Inspire Greatness Seminar hosted by Dr. Joe Molete, this Saturday 26th of September at 15h.
Khayakazi Matangana
21.09.2020 REMTECH EXPO 2020 Digital Edition

Antonio Blanco will be talking about Waste Architecture and some other topics related to sustainable cities at the REMTECH EXPO 2020 digital edition on the 22nd of September, 9am.
15.09.2020 Waste Architecture International Workshop

The proposal for the future use of the Serdiana Landfill (Sardinia, Italy) after closure, as the outcome of the workshop hosted by the 17th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium 2019, in which the office took part, has been published in the latest issue (Vol. 11) of Detritus Journal, fully dedicated to Waste Architecture.
11.08.2020 Kindergarten Architecture

Nursery in La Pañoleta included in the book Kindergarten Architecture, published by Booq Publishing.
09.09.2019 Sardinia_2019

Antonio Blanco will attend and take part of the design workshop organized by The 17th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium in Sardinia, Italy. The concept of Waste Architecture emerges as a new typology in order to respond to the need for decentralization in the new urban sustainable agenda. Waste treatment and waste to energy plants are now mean to be plugged in the consolidated urban fabric.
08.01.2019 The 'African City of the future' is now

An opinion article, together with professors Rudi Kimmie and Henry Wissink, has been published in the Mercury. The article stresses the recurrent topic of the city of the future, which in Africa seems to be more relevant than other places in the world.
11.12.2016 Architectural Material & Detail Structure

Nursery in La Pañoleta included in the book Architectural Material & Detail Structure: Concrete, published by Design Media Publishing (UK) Limited.
08.12.2016 Science Forum South Africa 2016

Antonio Blanco has been invited to take part in the Science Forum in Pretoria, to talk about "smart" cities. After more than three decades and an untold number of initiatives around the world, the meaning of the Smart City concept remains an intuition rather than a definite fact. What is positive consolidated for some contexts can have a negative impact on others. The side effects of these “smart initiatives” should be taken into account.
01.10.2016 Exhibition 2nd COAS Architecture Awards 2011-2015

The exhibition of the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Sevilla 2nd Architecture Awards 2011-2015 which take place at Plaza del Triunfo (Seville), will open the 3rd of October. The projects Victoria Kent Park and Plaza de la Humillacion are among the exhibited works.
03.08.2016 Finalist of the 2nd COAS Architecture Awards 2011-2015

The projects Victoria Kent Park and Plaza de la Humillacion finalist of the 2nd COAS Architecture Awards 2011-2015.
03.10.2015 Exhibition 1st COAS Architecture Awards 2006-2010

The exhibition of the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Sevilla 1st Architecture Awards 2006-2010 will take place at Plaza del Triunfo (Seville) the days 5th and 9th of October. The projects Centre for Social Services, Plaza de El Almendro and Public Space in Ferrocarril Street are among the exhibited works.
06.09.2015 Mini-city to rise on Durban's cane fields

The Master Plan for 1,000 residential units in Marshall Dam, Cornubia, has shown up in the Sunday Times.
12.08.2014 Brighten It Up: Colorful Buildings

Nursery in La Pañoleta included in the book Brighten It Up: Colorful Buildings, published by Sendpoints.
31.07.2014 Talk at the XXV IUAWC

Next August 7th, Antonio Blanco will talk about designing in the city boundaries at the XXV International Union of Architects World Congress. Durban, South Africa
12.03.2014 Pro.Design 2014/02

Pro.Design Magazine publishes the project Victoria Kent Park together with an interview.
15.02.2013 Bascompte House

Work in progress. Almost ready with the finishing materials.
12.11.2012 AIA Committee On Design Fall Conference

Next Friday November 16, Antonio Blanco will take part of Pechaksa, an event organized by the The American Institute of Architects on their 2012 AIA Committee On Design Fall Conference.
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